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Like pediatricians, the pediatric dentist is best qualified to meet the needs of the young patient.

We specialize in the oral health of infants through adolescents.

More importantly, we are trained in guiding a child’s behavior so that the dental experience is a positive one and instills healthy practices that will continue into adulthood.
The health of baby teeth has implications long after those teeth have fallen out.

One way cavities are formed is by acid producing bacteria that eat away at the enamel.

Such bacteria can be passed onto adult teeth causing further cavities.

Baby teeth also provide the architectural framework for the eruption of adult teeth.

If baby molars are lost prematurely due to cavities, the adult six-year molar can tip forward and trap the premolars under the gums.

In fact, some baby teeth exfoliate as late as 10-11 years of age.
While radiographs (X-rays) allow us to see in between teeth, we do not encourage the taking of them unless it is deemed necessary.

Children’s facial and jaw bones grow rapidly — these cells are more susceptible to radiation damage.

Our doctors follow the recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

When the situation arises, we will discuss it with you, providing the details you need to make an informed decision for your child.
Safety is a subject of utmost importance to the doctors at Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry.

We have hand-selected all of our materials because they are safe, mercury free, bisphenol A free (as told to us by the manufacturer), biocompatible, latex free, and non-toxic.

We also seek out products that taste and smell good.

We respect that every parent has his or her own philosophy about their child’s health, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals through alternate solutions, as desired.
Our Scarsdale pediatric dental office takes pride in providing the cleanest environment.

Our Sterilization Center uses the most advanced machines to assure 100% sterility.

All instruments are pre-washed, packaged, and sterilized using the latest equipment on the market.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and firmly believe in the mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Through routine monitoring, we are confident that our office sets the standard in quality control.

We welcome all parents to tour our Sterilization Center.
Our doctors believe the doors to Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry should be open to all children.

We participate with as many insurance companies as possible.

Our staff is available to answer your insurance questions, help you better understand your policy, and notify you of out of pocket expenses (unfortunately, insurance does not cover 100% of all procedures).

If we don’t take your insurance, please do not be discouraged.

Our team understands the financial burdens on the modern family and is available to explore various financial options.
We are aware that raising a child in today's economy can be challenging, therefore, our office participates with several insurance companies. Please feel free to call us and inquire about your specific insurance plan. We understand that insurance policies can be confusing, so please allow our insurance coordinator do the research for you.

Our office will be more than happy to review your dental insurance benefits with you and inform you of any out-of-pocket expenses. Please be advised that dental insurance companies, in most cases, do not cover 100% of services rendered, but every effort will be made to avoid any surprise bills.

In the event that we do not participate with your insurance company, we will be happy to submit the insurance claims on your behalf so that you have one less item to take care of. We would like your experience at Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry to be a pleasant one.

Please take a look at the list of insurance companies our office participates with below (In-Network as the insurance people call it) and call us with your questions.

Aetna Ameritas Assurant Avia
Careignton Cigna DeCare Dental Delta Dental
Dental Save Empire BC/BS Guardian MetLife
Oxford Prefered Dental Principal Plan SIDS
UFT Uni-Care United Health Care

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