Anesthesia / Sedation

In addition to offering standard pediatric dental treatments, our highly trained anesthesiologists provide alternate options under sedation including general anesthesia. We will explore those with you if, and only if, we feel sedation will better serve your child’s needs. Many parents delay dental treatment for their child because of their children’s fears or a previously negative or painful experience. Parents of children with development disabilities face particular hurdles attempting to provide proper dental care for their children. We recognize the unique needs of each child and will choose a sedation technique best suited to their needs.

Our anesthesia faculty specializes in providing a safe & comforting atmosphere for children with difficulties completing dental care under a typical dental setting. Our anesthesiologists use state of the art techniques and equipment. With 10 years of a proven safety record, our office has become a trusted name among pediatricians and other pediatric medical specialties.

We will work with you to find the appropriate treatment for your child while crafting a positive, healing environment throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does my health insurance cover general anesthesia being administered in your office?

Although most health insurances pay a portion of the general anesthesia costs, it is best to that you contact your health insurance to make sure your specific health coverage does not have an exclusive clause for dental procedures. If your health insurance has ‘out-of-network’ benefits, you are more likely to receive a favorable reimbursement. Do not worry! We have a negotiated fee with our anesthesia faculty at a fraction of the cost of a hospital administered anesthesia to reduce your financial burden.

Is it safe to have anesthesia completed in the dental office versus the hospital?

Completing dental procedures under general anesthesia in a dental office is widely practiced world wide. When administered by a board certified anesthesiologist with all the safety measures in place, there is little to no risks. Our office has been providing this service safely for the past 10 years, making us a trusted name among pediatricians and other pediatric medical specialties alike. We carefully choose our cases so that no patient is placed at risk. We will inform you if we feel that a hospital setting is more appropriate for your child. Safety is out number one priority.

What are the advantages of having dental procedures completed in the dental office versus hospital setting?

Since we have negotiated a fee schedule with our anesthesia faculty, you are only responsible for the fee quoted to you for the procedure. There are no hidden fees or on going bills from the hospital. This makes the entire process financially transparent and cost efficient.

Most hospitals have a longer waiting list to have dental procedure completed. Often dental cases are considered little priority, further delaying the timing to have dental procedures completed. Once at the hospital, it may be hours before your child is admitted. Since most hospitals have a standard protocol for most cases, your child does not get the attention before and after the case for the best behavior modification. Our anesthesiologists strive for our fearful patients to experience a warm experience so that they do not associate our office or dentistry with a fearful event.

The dental operating theater allows our doctors to use existing equipment, materials, and highly trained dental staff to achieve the same high quality results that are not otherwise available at a typical hospital operating room.