Post Care


What do after a filling?

Since our office uses tooth colored composite restorations, there is not much to do after a filling is completed. Once the filling is completed, your child can immediately resume eating.

If your child has slight discomfort after a filling, usually a dose of Tylenol or Motrin will do the trick.

You will be notified if our doctors have administered local anesthesia in the area for comfort. However, almost all of our fillings are completed without using a numbing agent. This means quick recovery and no uncomfortable numb feeling after the procedure!

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SDF Do’s & Dont’s?

Following these simple steps can increase the chances of SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) arresting tooth decay. The longer SDF has remained undisturbed, the better it works!

If a staining on the skin occurs, do not worry, after a few days it will disappear.


  • Encourage your child to swallow naturally and not pool his or her saliva


  • No eating or drinking for one hour

  • No brushing for 24 hours

  • No flossing for 24 hours

  • Avoid wiping mouth with shirt or sleeve

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Sealants 101

Congratulations! As a parent you have taken an important step to prevent cavities on the most important teeth in the mouth.

Once sealants are placed, your child can eat, drink and brush immediately.

Avoiding hard crunchy foods, chewing on hard candy or ice will allow for sealants to last longer.

Since we go through a meticulous process to place them using the highest quality of sealants, one application usually last years with proper care!

And of course, our sealants are BPA FREE!

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What do I do if I have a tooth pulled?

Although your child’s recovery can take a few days, most children and adolescents do surprisingly well after a tooth extraction.

We recommend that you follow any special instructions given during your child’s visit to ensure the fastest and most favorable healing of the instruction site.


  • Biting on the gauze/cotton for at least 30 minutes to stop bleeding

  • A dose of children’s Motrin or Tylenol directly after the visit


  • No eating or drinking for at least one hour

  • Avoid biting the lip or cheek of the numbed area

  • No brushing of the area for 24 hours

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How long before I can eat after my Fluoride treatment?

An easy and cost efficient way to give the outer layer of the teeth a stronger shell, our fluoride is easily applied and there is not much to do after.

We advise that you allow 15 minutes for the fluoride to have its effects before eating foods.

For best results, we recommend no brushing for one hour. If the fluoride was applied during a late afternoon appointment, you can skip brushing that same night.

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How do I take care of my child after General Anesthesia?

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Spacers & Orthodontic Appliances:
How to care for them and foods to avoid.

Space maintainers are important pre-orthodontic appliances for preventing space loss and allowing the

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