Baby Tooth Nerve Treatment

When a cavity on a baby tooth advances to involvement of the vital structures of the tooth, a procedure called a pulpotomy is commonly performed. This procedure allows for retaining the unaffected or uninfected portions of the baby tooth nerve to heal, while removing the inflamed portions. A pulpotomy is an important clinical dental procedure that allows pediatric dentists to save baby teeth as natural space maintainers by avoiding an extraction (pulling the tooth).

Our Technique: the success story

In the last ten years and after completing and following hundreds and hundreds of completed pulpotomies, we are proud to mention that by using our technique, methods and materials, our cases have lasted the test of time: baby teeth exfoliate naturally and maintain the required space without any need for further treatment. Our strict protocol allows for predictable results and successful outcomes.

Should your child require a pulpotomy to treat a symptomatic baby tooth, our doctors will review the entire procedure with you as well as the various restorative options.