Dental Well Visit

Establishing a dental home for your child is as important as visiting your pediatrician routinely. Regular dental well visits allow for a healthier oral cavity. By recognizing the problems earlier we can improve the chances of a successful treatment.

Importance of first tooth, first dental visit!

Many parents are surprised when they are informed that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the first visit is by age 1 or as soon as the first tooth erupts in the child’s mouth. At a young age, prevention is key! As ‘big experts in little teeth’, we can provide you the information you need to take care of your child’s teeth. Healthy smiles are happier smiles!

Topics covered during the dental well visit….

  1. Growth & development of teeth

  2. Brushing, flossing & dental hygiene practices

  3. Nutrition & diet

  4. Fluoride use if indicated

  5. Sealants

  6. Timing for braces

  7. Mouth Guards

Our Clinical Success Story

With over 10 years in practice, our office has seen children with baby teeth to grow to be teenagers with a healthy smile. Our patients who first visited us as new patients are now out of braces with a healthy smile. We place a great importance in achieving a cavity free oral cavity in the our adolescent patients. With emphasis in growth and development and by engaging the orthodontist at the right age, we have been helping our patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile year after year.

What sets our dental visits apart….

  • Comprehensive — our clinical notes cover over twenty four examination points

  • Focused — our hygienists & doctors target the specific needs of your child

  • Preventative — we provide you with knowledge for a healthier smile for your child

  • Knowledgeable — vigorous continued education is part of our office policy

  • Current — we use the latest materials & proven techniques

Oral Hygiene Video MUVI

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Growth & Development Video from MUVI

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