Emergency Care

Dental injury or dental pain is common in the young population we treat. Our office emphasizes the importance of immediate treatment to achieve the best outcomes. By providing care for nearly four thousand patients in the last 10 years, our office has experience treating almost any oral or dental emergency that can possibly arise.

Achieving the best outcomes

Receiving dental treatment as soon as the pain or injury occurs allows for the best outcomes. Do not delay seeking dental care in the case of an emergency! Our office is well equipped to deal with anything from cuts to the face, lips, and gums to the unfortunate traumatic bump to the baby or adult teeth. With our live chat and 24/7 live receptionist, your child’s emergency is our priority.

Common causes of oral pain in children….

  1. Ulcers — flat & yellow lesions that are painful to touch

  2. Cavities — large cavities can irritate the tooth nerve & cause sensitivity or pain

  3. Exfoliating baby teeth — mobile baby teeth can pinch the gums & cause discomfort

  4. Erupting teeth — the common teething pain can be exaggerated by irritated gum tissue

  5. Viruses or Bacteria — such as coxsackie or strep

Dental Trauma

Children and adolescents are active and experience the most incidences of dental trauma. As much as 80% of injuries occur in children younger than 20 years of age. During their sensitive growth age, proper treatment decisions must made to achieve the best outcomes. Dr. Vali’s experience sets us apart. With extensive training and knowledge in dental and oral trauma, our office has treated an extensive amount of dental injuries with excellent outcomes. Collaborating with the various dental specialties, we achieve normalcy for your child in a collaborative effort for the best prognosis.

Common dental injuries….

  • Broken teeth — chipped fragments can often be bonded back achieving aesthetic results

  • Knocked out teeth — often requires more involved treatment

  • Oral soft tissue injuries — most heal on their own, soft require stitches (sutures)