Esthetic Pediatric Crowns

If your child's cavity is extensive enough so that the tooth requires a crown, tooth colored crowns are a natural-looking and an aesthetic alternative to unsightly all metal crowns. Pediatric crowns are superior at protecting the tooth structure that has been compromised by large decay. We believe that the best available options should be available for our young patients. The two available options are discussed below. However, in our office we have chosen to offer Zirconia crowns. Ask our doctors for more information on the type of crowns best suited for your child’s need.

Steel Crowns with Aesthetic Coating

These first generation aesthetic crowns have a stainless steel sub-structure much like a stainless steel crown. However, with an aesthetic coated outer shell, these crowns mask the unsightly stainless steel color, making them less noticeable.

Advantages of Steel Crowns with Esthetic Coating?

  • Strong Core — Like their counter parts, the stainless steel substructure gives them their strength

  • Inexpensive — Fraction of the price of zirconia crowns

  • Easily placed — Less operator error and less training needed to place these crowns

  • Excellent Seal — Edges of the crown are crimped to achieve excellent marginal seal

Disadvantages of Steel Crowns with Esthetic Coating?

  • Aesthetic Limitations — Steel margins can be visible at times, appearing as dark lines

  • Chipping — The aesthetic coating can chip and reveal the unsightly stainless steel core.

  • Poor Shade Match — At best they appear beige or yellow not matching the milk color of primary teeth

Zirconia Crowns

We offer beautifully milled Zirconia crowns that are the world's first all ceramic pre-fabricated crowns made especially for children. Zirconia is a bio-compatible material used in the past in high-end cosmetic dentistry for adults. Fortunately, it is now available for use in pediatric dentistry. These tooth colored crowns are exceptionally natural-looking and a state-of-the-art alternative to unsightly metal crowns. They blend seamlessly into your child's smile while protecting the tooth structure. We believe these crowns are the best available option in the industry and we now offer them to our young patients. Ask our doctors for more information on these beautiful crowns.

Advantages Zirconia Crowns?

  • Unsurpassed Aesthetics — They can be hardly noticed by the untrained eye

  • Zir-Lock Technology — A patented carving on the underside that allows them for exceptional retention

  • Various Shapes — Different sizes in width available for cases where there is space loss

Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns?

  • Fracture — Possible if eating hard candy or during a trauma

  • Costly — More expensive than traditional crowns but for good reason!

  • Requires More Skills — Placement requires extra training and a skilled doctor