Fluoride Treatments

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association alike recommend the use of fluoride containing products, including twice per year application of an in-office strength fluoride treatment to strengthen the outer enamel structure preventing tooth decay. Common everyday drinks and foods allow for the bacteria in the mouth to release acids that help breakdown the enamel structure. By penetrating the very outer layer and sticking to the calcium layer of the enamel structure, fluoride ions strengthen the enamel layer of the tooth structure.

Our office proudly uses Enamelast, a brand of fluoride varnish manufactured by a reputable company called Ultradent. It is manufactured in the United States and is subject to the stringent guidelines set forth by the FDA. Sweetened with Xylitol, it is nut free, Casein free, gluten free and free of most other allergens.

What are the advantages of our Fluoride Varnish?

  • Proven efficacy in studies vs. conventional fluoride

  • Long acting (over hours rather than minutes)

  • Quickly & easily applied using a brush

  • Taste tolerated well by most children

  • Free of most common allergens

  • Nearly invisible appearance

At Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry & Oral Surgery, we are cognizant and sensitive to the needs of our parents. Should you have concerns about fluoride applications, please allow our doctors to address them. We will not think any less of our families who have beliefs other than ours or different from those of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. We welcome questions and are happy to review clinically proven treatments. However, we also strongly respect the beliefs of the families that trust us to provide care for their children.