Non X-Ray Technology (Transillumination)

Since radiation exposure is cumulative, we place a high importance on the balance between the potential harmful effects of ionizing radiation and the benefits of diagnostic x-rays. To help achieve this, our office proudly offers our patients a non x-ray technology called CariVu. We can now minimize the need for using harmful x-rays to look between teeth. CariVu is a fiberoptic camera that uses transillumination technology. With this new tool our hygienists and doctors are able to visualize between your child's teeth. The less x-rays earlier on in a chid's life, the less harmful cumulative effects! CariVu is just another example of how Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry & Oral Surgery is changing the standards in pediatric oral medicine. Hurray!!!


  • Easily tolerated by most children

  • Painless

  • Can repeat without any concerns

  • No harmful x-rays


  • Can not penetrate highly calcified and dense enamel

  • Cost not covered by insurances at the moment

  • Not 100% accurate

  • Not a diagnostic tool when visible decay present between teeth

Here is a CariVu image of a tooth with a large cavity! You can learn more here.