Special Needs Dentistry

Our office strongly believes that dentistry for the child or adolescent with special needs should not create hurdles for parents and care takers. Dental care for children with special needs is often delayed or put aside because of the fear of the unknown: How is my child going to sit in the chair? How will my child behave in front of other children in the office? How difficult is it going to be for me as a parent? How much work is going to be completed if any? Is this visit really worth all my anxiety? Does this office even know how to treat children with special needs like my child’s? These are understandably common and valid questions. Rest assured that as a parent hesitantly seeking dental treatment for your child with special needs, you are not alone.

Dr. Vali and his clinical staff have been treating children with various special needs for over ten years: children with complex medical histories, children on the various ends of the autistic spectrum, hearing and sight impaired, cerebral palsy and many rare genetic disorders to name a few. Providing care for children requiring specialized dental care is part of what sets us apart. We have the knowledge and the skill set to make the visit to the dentist easy for you and your child. We provide you with options so that you can make the best informed decisions.

A Multi Specialty Approach

It is our philosophy when treating children who require specialized care that our office is in contact with various specialties treating your child. Safety is our number one priority. If your child has a complex medical history, Dr. Vali and his staff will do all the research necessary before any treatment is rendered to make sure that your child receives safe and appropriate dental care. We are not just teeth doctors, we consider ourselves as part of the pediatric medical community.

Appointment Recommendations

When making the appointment please ask to speak with Dr. Vali or his clinical team so that the visit is made to address the specific needs of your child. We have various recommendations that can make your child’s visit more successful. For example, children with sensory processing will do much better during early morning appointments when the office is not as busy as in the afternoon when the after school crowd arrives. Similarly, a child in a wheelchair should be scheduled in one of our bigger rooms to allow for easier maneuvering and comfort. What ever the need might be, we have a solution, but it all starts with getting on that call with one of our doctors before scheduling your appointment.