Tooth Colored Fillings

With the ever more increasing quality of composite (tooth colored) fillings, the need to place amalgam fillings in a child's mouth is becoming obsolete. Our doctors offer a natural tooth colored material that is safe, bio-compatible and exceptionally strong. And of course, BPA Free!


Are they covered by my insurance?

Although covered by most insurances, it is best that our insurance experts do the research for you and inform you of any additional costs. Some insurance companies will downgrade the procedure. This means they will pay for a silver filling and hold the member responsible for the upgrade.

Do they last as long as silver fillings?

Adhesive dentistry and tooth colored restoration materials, or composites, have come a long way. With the new generation of restorative composites used in our office, your child can enjoy beautifully placed fillings that last the life of the tooth. Besides, we stand behind our work. If within the first year the restoration chips or breaks, our office will repair or replace the filling at no cost to you!

Are they safe to use in children?

Many European countries have banned the use of silver fillings in children for good reason. Composite restorations, are safe to use in children. In fact, we commonly use a Bioactive restoration specifically made for children. To learn more about Activa Bioactive fillings click here.

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